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Article introduction

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? ? No matter be a childA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Child still Your Excellency, everyday a lot of things need to do, if neither one is able-bodied the word of physique, face various issue without so much energy. At ordinary times everybody can exercise body of one private parts appropriately, conduce to the body so, run greatly for instance ran. So, ran can be experienced what assortedLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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? To ran a few advantage to people, see the introduction of later development together.

Ran can be experienced what what

? ? 1. Motion reduces weight, model perfect figure

? ? Motion is Keep Fit take an approach surely. Motion has oxygen motion to need to burn especially adipose will provide energy, in athletic process, use up quantity of heat, have the effect that reduce fat. In addition, a few force carry kinetic energy is quite very good the muscle that exercises a person, enhance metabolizable energy power, make daily energy is used up increase, avoid corner of quantity of heat to form adipose, still can make muscle wired a feeling, let a person become strong and handsome, sunshine.

? ? 2. Motion improves heart function, prevent heart disease

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? The person is in quiet time, the heartbeat is lower, and can rise in athletic time heartbeat. The person that often moves, quiet heartbeat and athletic heartbeat differ further, such meetings are very good exercise a heart, increase amount of its pump blood. Motion still can let blood-vessel become bouncy. Hold to motion, can prevent cardiovascular disease.

? ? 3. Motion falls hematic fat, can prevention and cure is diabetic

? ? Dextrose is athletic energy source, use up dextrose through motion, can reduce blood sugar, precaution is diabetic. And the diabetic controls hematic fat through motion, be helpful for cure.

? ? 4. Motion exercises skeleton, can heighten

? ? Muscle, skeleton and joint built human body framework. When motion, muscle insecurity, can cause to skeleton pressureShanghai night net

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Approach. Such pressure makes skeleton grow. In development period, adolescent holds to motion, be united in wedlockShanghai Long Feng forum

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Food, can heighten.

? ? 5. Motion improves brain function, promotion intelligence

? ? People classics is commonly used ” limb develops, shallow-brained ” the person that will describe athletic fitness, but actually, the person mind that loves sport a bit not simple. Motion can enhance the person’s constitution not only, and can promote cerebrum growth, improve and improve brain function, conduce to intellective development. Fall in love with the sea

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In athletic process, people passes the action that recalls campaign, essentials, can enhance the person’s memory.

? ? Is ran experienced what Where is what? To ran a few advantage to human body, everybody should have a lot of knowledge now. At ordinary times everybody can running ran, fitness can get such word take exercise and increase, improve the health not only, and can rise to reduce weight the effect of thin body. Authority’s free time, as far as possible take out a few time to go out to run ran.