Great mind is self-restrained ” rob a tomb takes notes ” animation edition! Include classical tussle setting

Leave before those who sow ” rob a tomb takes notes ” teleplay leaves after sowing, be spat by everybody groove is ceaseless. Besides teleplay, the author still found video of a paragraph of colleague, by domestic UP advocate sea case makes ” rob a tomb takes notes ” colleague animation, animation content bore with the classical tussle setting in a few work, short story of similar PV property, so take the opportunity to be recalled together!

” rob a tomb takes notes ” series is south the masterpiece that appoints 3 father’s younger brother, its can says in recent years of Chinese the press make classically, obtain fanaticism of 1 million readers to chase after hold in both hands. 3 father’s younger brother are sent to also make a full the world by this south, cavalcade of writer of super best seller of ascend body China.