” radiation 76 ” the player asks solution seals a homosexual ” aggressor ” punish in the future

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ame chamfer cake is mixed,be all sorts of BUG, the option that informs against homosexual player was lacked to also become one of groovy points of players in game. But because certain player is right homosexual player has oral charge and by ” always seal ” , this also lets B co上海同城对对碰交友社区

mpany must be in ” homosexual ” this makes a few change on one hand. The origin of whole episode is to have a flock of ” radiation 76 ” the player says in game: “We are to clear of rubbish radical fellow ” , the word that is said these people by the player of attack undertook recording, intercurrent push seek a help. In this game ” attack ” homosexual incident is a few Zhou Qian is exploded to go out, b organized body is permanent also a Zhang name that bore these attack homosexual players. But everybody is right this still dissatisfactory, a lot of players say, b company always sealed player Zhang date to disobey abroad ” consumer protects a law ” , that is to say players are in ” radiation 76 ” in spent 60上海千花网论坛

knives in vain (add up to a R爱上海同城

MB about 414 yuan) . The players that object always sealing Zhang signal event this still wrote a memorial to ask solution seals those players that atttack a homosexual to B company, have appropriate punishment again in the future. Memorial is one is called ” Average Developer ” of person compose, also be the player that he suggests B company solution seals attack homosexual, punish in the future, for instance their speech records screen. “Average Developer ” emphasize in memorial ending, he is not in what be attack homosexual players explain, he just hopes to B company can believe and be respected ” consumer protects a law ” . The thing of memorial one, ” radiation 76 ” appeared to inform against, the option such as screen, b hopes to the happening of verbal attack inci上海千花网龙凤论坛

dent can be prevented on older rate so.