Clean of Li Bing of Chinese small bifurcation: My target is the Olympic Games on the station highest the stage that receive award

Budapest of China News Service on July 23 report (reporter Wang Jing) 2017 international swim couplet world woman of bright and beautiful contest competition ground of 400 meters of crawl is born nova of a China — clean of Li Bing of 15 years old of small bifurcation. 23 days of evening, she and record holder of this project world, United States ” talent girl ” Laideciji is the same as stage athletics, with 4 minutes of 03 seconds the achievement of 25 is picked bronze medal.

Li Bing clean is it seems that the girl of delicate, gentle and weak, but go up in competition ground, her endurance capability of g上海贵族宝贝交流区

ood, sprint is strong, crawl of the Sunday run in giving China the woman will take a hope. The whole nation that held in Qingdao this year in April swims on championship, li Bing clean swims 02 seconds t上海夜网论坛

he ac上海贵族宝贝论坛

hievement of 52, before up to the world bright and beautiful contest opens contest, this achievement is this year the 2nd best result of world, be next to Laideciji.

Preliminary contest is medium that day morning, the Li Bing clean that plays game of world bright and beautiful first gets a little beside the influence of adversary, future rushs some are quickly, add warming-up a little inadequate, she after Cheng is shown slightly demanding. Final, she with 4 minutes of 04 seconds the achievement preliminary contest of 94 ranks f上海龙凤论坛

inal of the 4th promotion. After contest, li Bing clean says to the reporter: “This achievement compares all but of my expect, hope finals can be developed normally, swim the individual is best achievement. Swim the individual is best achievement..

In finals, the play of Li Bing clean is good at preliminary contest, but the result that achievement still did not transcend her to swim in Qingdao. After achieving terminus, she relies on to be in swim on Chi Bi, appear very tired out.

“I had endeavored, can take medal very happy. But this achievement is not very make me satisfactory, I think originally can break through oneself, the result is done not have, some are regretful. ” Li Bing clean says, this may be the technical issue becau上海夜网论坛

se of oneself, also may be oneself attend world bright and beautiful to surpass some insecurity for the first time.

Nearly two years, the achievement advance rapidly of Li Bing clean. The ability two years ago carries off first countrywide match champion, already stood nowadays contest of world bright and beautiful gets award platform. In Li Bing clean looks, all these is success will come when conditions are ripe it seems that. Li Bing clean says: “I think before contest, want normal play only, should take medal. Should take medal..

The target that Li Bing clean gives him set is very specific. “Can be the same as stage athletics with God Lai De Ciji very make me excited, incentive all the time also I. When I hope to be the same as a stage with her for the first time, oneself can swim good achievement. ” her leisurely ground says, “The targe上海同城对对碰交友社区

t that I did not come to is the Olympic Games on the station gets award platform, the Olympic Games is highest the stage that receive award. ” (be over)