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Article introduction

Baking complete sheep is a kind of very popular food, be cooked with hotpot and become. And want to be made bake complete sheep deliciously, choose appropriate sheep, it is more important, good because of what only the sheep chooses, that bakes complete Yang Caihui to have delicious mouthfeel. Of course, the complementary material that the making method that bakes complete sheep and place use also is to not allow of small gaze. BelowShanghai noble baby

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, introduce to bake the relevant knowledge of complete sheep in detail for everybody!

Bake complete sheep to use what sheep best

One, dish tastes characteristic

After choosing the sheep butcher that fertilizer of prairie become fat, weight controls 40 jins commonly, go adding the spice whole such as green, ginger, any of several hot spice plants, salt to bake inside abdomen of hair ribbon skin make. Body of this dish sheep is whole, ovine genuflect is inside square trencher, gold of colour and lustre is red, sheepskin crisp, hotpot is tender sweet.

2, advocate makings select material

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The producing area of qualitative kid flesh.

The sheep that bakes complete sheep to want to choose the 1~2 one full year of life with fat fat strong put oneself in another’s position to control makes raw material, making those who come bake complete sheep is accepted flavour is the most beautiful, the flesh not only tender and nutrient value is high, chew in the mouth glibly is sweet, using older sheep to make material do not suit. Some closer year come, cheat inside carry out cold sheep of small remaining part and sheep of large remaining part (sheep of sheep of large remaining part of Wu Zhumu ooze, A Letai large remaining part) undertake cross, fleshy qualitative fertilizer is thin appropriate (cold hotpot of small remaining part is qualitative thin, qualitative fertilizer of hotpot of large remaining part, the fertilizer after cross is thin appropriate) , it is the good raw material that makes the hotpot that bake.

Bake complete sheep to use what sheep best

3, the method that make

Pick the kid with fat strong put oneself in another’s position of a fat, the wool that gets on ovine body is cut off entirely, enter the cathartic fill that has made up beforehand ovine abdomen again inside, can make the sheep excretes the thing in intestines and stomach clean so. Next, let ovine bolt to stake ovine nurse a fire. Time is a bit long the sheep is baked so that sweat all over by fire. Because too fuggy with thirst, at this moment the sheep wants to drink water very much. But giving what the sheep drinks is not cool and refreshing spring however, however an agitate aniseed, mattress is sweet, peppery the salt water that waits for spice.

The sheep is forced already mix into is drunk into the brine of spice completely. At this moment, add firewood on igneous caboodle again, make baked wheaten cake is gotten more flourishing, the sheep drinks water ceaselessly again, but drink the still added spice however salt solution below right now.

Bake complete sheep to use what sheep best

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To each place of ovine whole body. And right now sheep has been about to die. After be being killed, scrape abb, clean splanchnic, enter whole Yang Fang varus of crusty pancake hole to turn again roast.

Those who use this kind of distinctive method to make bake complete sheep, show palm yellow all over. After complete sheep has been baked, be put on small table, carry before the guest, after waiting for guest look over to praise, master hold knife cut. Will the flesh sends a lamb in the dish before the guest, press choice of oneself be fond of by the guest, dip in on peppery, mattress the condiment such as face of sweet, hot pepper edible.