[chop seafood congee] – of delicious practice of _ of _ tie-in chop

Article introduction

For delicate to taste area people, look in their eye drink everyday a few soup and eat congee of a few seafood to often have profit to body dispute. Seafood congee joins a few seafood and rice to boil namely make those who do, because this seafood congee is medium,contain the nutrient value of the Xian Xianghe seafood of seafood. Seafood congee can join seafood not only, return OK and proper affiliation meanwhile a few chop, so is the practice of chop seafood congee what kind of?

Chop seafood congee

Seafood congee is one of cookbook of dish of Hong Kong and Taiwan, decide to make with the product of of all kinds and new of great capacity such as rice and shelled fresh shrimps makings, the cooking skill of seafood congee is given priority to with boiling, taste belongs to salty delicacy.

The rice in seafood congee has effect of very tall nutrition, the rice of fundamental food; that is compensatory nutriment can be offerred abound rice of; of vitamin of B a group of things with common features to have have the profit in filling gas, be good at lienal raise spirit of stomach, beneficial strong mark, with the five internal organs, arteries and veins that connect blood, acute hearing ear bright eye, stop irritated, stop thirsty, stop have diarrhoea.

Chop seafood congee is dish of a the daily life of a family is tasted, the main material that make is chop, seafood, rice. This dish tastes nutrition to abound, have gas of the beneficial in filling, alimentary tasteFall in love with the sea

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, improve the anaemic, able-bodied bones and muscles, effect that enhances physical power.

Chop seafood congee

The practice of chop seafood congee


1.The pig is little behead becomes small, use clear water full 3 times. River shrimp goes line of shrimp beard shrimp, swimming crab clear water floats 3 times.

2.Clear water is put to burn heat inside boiler, water notShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Open nowadays chop scald to go hematic foam, rinse chop again with clear water.

3.The Qing Dynasty inside boiler is burned, put swimming crab conflagration to boil 5 minutes. Scoop clear water to wash clean crab body, stripping and slicing reserves. Maize is abluent reserve. Sweet green cuts equipment of chopped green onion1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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4.boiler abluent put right amount clear water, issue chop, cut end and chop to be boiled together into cooking wine, ginger.

Chop seafood congee

5.Maize is put after 40 minutes, agitate, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Such ability won’t be stuck to the end of boiler. Wait for small fire opens after be being boiled, boiler builds half attack by surprise to boil 20 minutes, intermediate every other 5 minutes of agitate.

6.Wait for congee to come half stiff when put crab piece, boil 5 minutesShanghai noble baby is handed inForum of Shanghai night net

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Shed a division

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, rejoin river shrimp, boil 3 minutes again, transfer into next salt and dried scallop element, scatter on drop of chopped green onion enters 4 sesame-seed oil with respect to success.