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Once liver function appears unusual, the patient can show a lot of and undesirable reaction, most common is all over lack of power, complexionShanghai noble baby

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Hair is yellow wait, dietotherapy had better be used below this kind of circumstanceLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The law has treatment, drink lemonade more for instance, often eat violet wild cabbage, often do massage, be far from wine and medicine, complemental mineral etc, the effect is first-rate, want to undertake physical training appropriately additionally, enhance oneself immunity power.

What to eat to you can make liver function normal?

1. drinks lemonade more. Water conduces to accelerate the impurity inside body of metabolic speed, eduction and toxin, reduce hepatic burden. A cup of warm plain boiled water is drunk first after getting up everyday, it can wake up systemic function. Those of American liver ill expert gets · to overcome Dr. Lei Mo to suggest: Can try to join lemon in water, citric acidity can make liver generate bile, be helpful for the body discharging poison. Drink 8~10 cup everyday, every time 300 milliliter can.

What to eat to you can make liver function normal?

2. often eats violet wild cabbage. Vegetable of the mustard family includes beet, turnip, cabbage, violet wild cabbage and sesame seed dish to wait, or it is the vegetable that contains sulfur element, be like onion, garlic, cauliflower, they can enhance the function discharging poison of the body. Eat vegetable of two the mustard family to be able to enhance hepatic alexipharmic function everyday.

3. often is done massage. Be in moment of lie low postural when the body, massage gallbladder and hepatic place gently, be located in the costal lower part on the right side of the body about. Expert of disease of liver of hospital of British Mei Te Sidifen Situerte thinks, massage the haemal circulation that conduces to stimulative liver place, improve systemic metabolization function then.

What to eat to you can make liver function normal?

4. is far from wine and medicine. Alcohol is right hepatic resultLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The person of liver caustic must abstinence. Additional, when many person bodies are unwell, be used to medicineShanghai noble baby

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The room buys blame prescription anodyne to eat, but this kind of medicaments may contain amino to acetyl phenol, after metabolizing through liver, the possibility produces a part poisonous metabolization content, make liver is damaged.

5. is complemental mineral. Should ensure oneself are absorbed in diet enough mineral, for example magnesian, calcic, Potassium, zinc, Selenium and manganese. Liver cirrhosis patient, the doctor also can suggest their complement is compared at ordinary times more vitamins and mineral, with activation liver function.

6. contains the tea that protect liver. Milk thistle, curcuma and dandelion are thought to conduce to cleanness and protective liver. The dandelion of the curcuma that can try to take 45 milligram everyday, 400 milligram extracts content or the milk thistle of 400 milligram. Also can be in new dandelion root pickle boiled waterA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Tea drink takes the place of in, but should ensure its did not get the pollution of chemical insecticide.