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Snacks, especially in one’s childhood, most person likes to eat very much, even if now, remain great master at ordinary times love most, hot although flavour is delicious, but outside those who buy is hot wholesome condition is to make a person very anxious, want to eat clean healthful hot, actually oneself can be made in him home, and the practice also is very simple, hunger sweeps fabaceous skin below hot piece practice.

Is fabaceous skin hot piece what is the practice?

Fabaceous skin is hot piece practice

Prepare data:

Footing of fabaceous skin, chaffy dish or hemp are face of oil of hot very hot footing, oily, cooking wine, chili, sesame oil, chili, salt, ripe sesame seed, Zi like that pink, Zi like that bead, white sugar.

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basin, to inside enter right amount Wen Shui, it is fabaceous skin in water bubble is soft. Right amount salt is joined to be met so in water of bubble faster softer, evener. Everybody also can use cold water bubble, the time that just needs should grow a little a few. What must remind everybody here is, ten million cannot save time for plan fast plan and use hot water bubble. Good bubble fabaceous skin drop works, put in reserve aside.

Is fabaceous skin hot piece what is the practice?

First to right amount oil is entered in boiler, fire is tepid, become igneous modulation small fire, chaffy dish footing or hot very hot footing puts in sesame, fry make melt. Put trifling water, join right amount cooking wine, water, candy, salt according to individual taste, after waiting for water to be burned, put fabaceous skin into boiler to be stewed slowly with small fire, the tasty that makes fabaceous skin sufficient, will boil the fabaceous skin fish out that has made next.

Right amount oil is put in boiler, when fire is tepid, scamper makes make in putting fabaceous skin into boiler, scamper gives blast of fragrance, color to make small when fizzling out fish out. Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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The beans with good blast rolls circuit in the chili oil with Pi Fang good modulation and sesame oil, scatter pink of on a few chili, Zi equably according to individual taste like that pink, Zi like that bead, white sugar, ripe sesame seed, mix is even, abstain delicately hot with respect to success.

Hot piece we can be done more a few, after been do, the deposit is in freezer, eat 3 days on two to do not have a problem. Additional hot piece it is hot food, although chili contains rich vitamin C, eat chili to be able to come loose more cold dry is wet, enhance appetiteSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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, make a person sudoriferous, but take much easier suffer from excessive internal heat, so even proper and abstemious, body types or forms of literature is the most important, what nevertheless oneself make is hot piece no matter be adult or child,can eat.

Is fabaceous skin hot piece what is the practice?

The effect of skin of soya-bean milk and action

Promote healthy

Nutrition of skin of soya-bean milk is rich, be absorbed easily, can complement quickly physical strength, alleviate the body is frail. Children edible can increase immune capacity, stimulative body and intellective development, old people is long-term edible but prolong life, can restore quickly already to the edible between pregnant woman puerperium particularly healthy, can add milk again.

Protect liver to fill calcium

Filling calcium also is the main effect of skin of soya-bean milk, the many calcium that it contains pledges and D of a few vitamins and amino acid, be absorbed easily and benefitForum of Shanghai night net

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With, can protect liver, increase hepatic alexipharmic capacity, prevent hepatitis, still can prevent gibbosity, reduce the happening of senile osteoporosis.

Fall cholesterol

Skin of soya-bean milk is contained a few choline and a variety of vitamins, still have material of a few yellow ketone and plant thread, can accelerate haemal circulation, in fluid of clear regulating blood condition redundant cholesterol, also can bate is hemal, righter of tall hair of the mankind apoplectic have pretty good precaution effect with coronary heart disease.