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There are a lot of famous hams in the whole nation, the world’s for instance famous golden China ham, southwest of other explicit our country, arrived every year in the winter when, every family meets him to do ham, as a whole, the Chinese likes to have ham particularly, present ham flesh price is more expensive also, taste flavour is very delicious, of ham have a way very much, for instance can evaporate is ripe perhaps fry will eat, the cate that recommends today is chili ham pasty, the making method of this kind of cake is as follows.

What is the practice measure of chili ham pasty?

The practice of chili ham pasty:

With makings

Green pepper 2

Ham piece

Flour gram

Saline gram

Yeast is overcome

Be born draw 1 spoon

Edible oil

Gallinaceous essence

13 sweet

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Pasty of green pepper ham practice

Yeast leaves with lukewarm to hydrate, warm water knead dough, knead dough, face a bit Microsoft is OK also, had kneaded wake a hour

Wake in face process can green pepper, ham cuts man, put right amount salt, gallinaceous essence (gourmet powder is OK also) , unripe smoke, 13 sweet, peanut oil, oyster sauce (it is OK also to do not like to be not put) , mix divide evenly can.

What is the practice measure of chili ham pasty?

The face is sent double big, it is good to there can be fossa check inside

Knead the dough that has waked a little while more, cut a dose child, so big like steamed stuffed bun go, roll becomes a circle skin

The bag becomes steamed stuffed bun, press press cake form

Boiler bottom brushs oil, put pasty, with medium baking temperature decoct hind uses small internal heat

Decoct comes two sides golden can

The practice of pasty of green pepper ham measure

11 prepare data, used 3 chili, leg of this kind of conflagration used an in part, canShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The taste according to oneself is right amount preparation, flour cent goes out to prepared to do short

2 with hot water knead dough, with cap the lid rises after become reconciled put wake a little while at the same time, did not time accurately, just be in wake face when accurateLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Have stuffing expects, stuffing expects ready face also wakes almost

33 green pepper abluent go muscle is mincing, ham mincing

44 oyster sauce and salt are joined in stuffing makings, basically put oyster sauce, according to oneself taste adds bit of salt less, also need not add, because of ham itself has saline taste

A few oil are added to burn in 55 boiler hot

In a few flour that put apart enters after 66 oil are hot, mix is even make it short, join a few salt, the attention is oilyA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Not too little, the meeting is very otherwise dry, feel embarrassed

77 the face that will waked is cut small

What is the practice measure of chili ham pasty?

88 roll become thin pancake, wipe on short

99 cut two knives respectively in both sides, spread stuffing material above, issue horn not to spread stuffing again makings

1010 from below begin, both sides is folded be together

1111 fold next go up go

1212 continue again both sides is folded to together

1313 fold press a little again with the hand to finally

Oil is put inside 1414 report baking pan, pasty is put to begin decoct after oily heat, a face of remnant is among, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Made a small cake, negligible.

The incision after 1515 decoct are good is placed dish, if put bit of lettuce,meet by the shop more good-looking.